Physical Intervention training

Physical Intervention training

Lee has used several restraint techniques in his carrer and has found them to be of use in situations in the SEMH school he worked at, but not really effective in controlling situations. Some have to many holds and manoeuvres to put to use in situations that need quick interventions but sometimes in challenging enviroments. Staff feel concerned if they are doing it right instead of dealing with the situation at hand. 

Lee introduced the restraint techniuqe Safer handling in to the setting and found this to work. The techniques used in Safer Handling are precise, easy to remember and most of all safe to use. 

Lee became a trainer in the use of Safer Handling techniques and when continue to use the techniques where nessacary and provided continued devolopment with teachers. Perfecting the techniques for the enviroments was a daily challenge. 

The Safer handling techniques used were provided by Doug M from safer handling. The website can be located at the bottom of this website. 

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